Changing Lives – by Anthony Bates

September 14, 2018 9:38 am

After having lost my legs 32 years ago, in a motorcycle accident, I have worn prosthetic legs ever since.

For the first 2 years, I wore my legs with foam coverings that were meant to resemble what a natural leg would look like. They didn’t look realistic, the stockings used to make them skin coloured would ladder easily and they didn’t tan when on holiday! But joking aside, more importantly, I found that the coverings restricted my movement greatly and this was the main problem.

In the end, I decided that taking the foam coverings off would make life a lot easier and practical, allowing the leg to move fluidly and the knee joint to bend more easily.

Without the foam coverings though, especially in Summer, when I would wear shorts, I realised that people would point and stare a lot more than before. I would also overhear negative comments about my legs.

Although I have never shied away from talking about my artificial legs, it made me feel uncomfortable realising, especially seeing it for myself in photographs, how out of proportion my body now looked. Being tall and broad chested my legs looked like sticks, having just the carbon fibre poles exposed, but I had no other option as I didn’t want to restrict the way I walk with fake foam legs.

Now almost three decades later having come across LIMB-art and talking to Mark, I have found my ultimate solution. These prosthetic covers don’t limit my legs’ movements in any way. This was proven when I tested them whilst riding my quad and motorbike. They are lightweight, allow my knee to bend with ease and look great too. With the amount of different shapes, colours and designs; there seems to be something for everyone. They make my legs look more in proportion to my body and I now have people staring at me for the RIGHT reasons. I now get positive comments like “Whoa, they’re cool”, “Look, it’s The Terminator!” or “I need to get myself some of those” which replace those from the past.

I feel more confident now than ever before thanks to Mark and the team at LIMB-art and without a doubt I’ll be wearing shorts all year round!

Anthony Bates.