Limb-art Finalists at Welsh SME Business Awards 2019

October 16, 2019 1:31 pm

The SME Business Awards are returning to Wales to celebrate the success of small but mighty businesses over the last year. Finalists have been shortlisted after receiving hundreds of nominations and will take part in the award ceremony on Wednesday 30th October in Cardiff.

The Awards honour the contributions made by SME entrepreneurs and businesses across Wales. It will give thanks to SME businesses for serving their communities, for implementing creative approaches to product design and service and for staying true to their roots.

Creative Oceanic has delivered award ceremonies for nearly a decade in cities around the world, including Belfast, Dublin, Toronto, London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester Leicester, Birmingham and is soon launching in New York. Creative Oceanic campaigns have awarded people in the hospitality, food, hair & beauty, SME business, independent retail and women’s sectors.

We are overwhelmed to have been nominated and to have made it through as a finalists for Social Inclusion Business of the Year 2019 Award.

Fingers crossed again for the awards in Cardiff in just over 2 weeks.

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