LIMB-art Launch at NHS Wirral Limb Centre

February 9, 2021 11:31 am

Award winning LIMB-Art, has launched at Wirral Limb Centre, providing ‘the world’s coolest prosthetic leg covers’ on the NHS.

Over 730 amputees are currently registered at the centre, which is based in Clatterbridge Hospital, part of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The centre is a regional specialist unit providing client centred holistic and multi-disciplinary care to amputees including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pre-amputation consultations and counselling.

Sarah Evans, Ottobock Prosthetist at the Wirral Limb Centre, which provides the services of prosthetists, prosthetic technicians and administrative staff at the centre, said: “LIMB-Art covers give the patient a greater input into optimising the appearance of their prosthetic leg.

“The covers restore the shape of the prosthesis to match that of the sound limb but without trying to make the prosthesis appear to be a “normal” leg.

“It also protects the componentry underneath which, particularly in the case of microprocessor knees, can be thousands of pounds worth of componentry.

“We believe that giving the patient an active role in producing their prosthesis helps with acceptance which is positive for their mental health.

“All the patients who have received the LIMB-Art covers we have provided have been really pleased with the cosmesis they provide and are excited to see the patterns they have chosen.

“At the Wirral Limb Centre we are extremely proud of Mark and his achievements. He has really made a difference to so many amputees using his own life experiences to develop his covers and providing an affordable solution that gives patients an important input into their prosthetic care.”

Mark Williams said: “I’m delighted to be working with Wirral Limb Centre and to be able to help other amputees to gain their confidence and, like our strapline says, stand out and stand proud.”

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