Limb-art Prosthetic Leg Covers “boost confidence & break down barriers.”

December 1, 2018 4:31 pm

As seen on TV… 

Over the past couple of weeks we have been spreading the word about our cool prosthetic leg covers on local and national news channels BBC, ITV and S4C.

The response we have had from the general public and wearers of prosthetic legs alike has been overwhelming.  It has been so great to see people getting as excited as us about what our covers can achieve. Not only do they immediately boost the confidence of the wearer as they restore a balanced shape and look fantastic, but they also break down the barriers for everyone else too: inviting people in the street to compliment the wearer on a “cool leg” and spark really positive conversations about their legs and what they can do. This is something which most people would have shied away from doing for fear of offending or upsetting a “disabled” person.

Check out our choice of cool prosthetic leg covers here.

Take a look at the full news reports on BBC News or our new Limb-art Youtube Channel.

A few of the really positive things our clients and the general public have said to us recently about the effect of our custom prosthetic leg covers:

“Everyone loves my new covers – you can’t beat a bit of leg bling!”

“Congratulations on bringing some innovative designs to address the aesthetics of prosthetics.”

“I’ve had a lot of negative comments about my legs in the past and this has made me a bit anxious when I see that someone looks like they are going to say something to me about them. But, I just don’t feel like that anymore… I know they are coming up to me to pay me a compliment on my cool legs!”

“I think this is great, what an asset.”

“It gives people the confidence to go out and others look at the art, not just the prosthetics.”

“People are excited about the scale of the difference this could make to their confidence and their life.”

“Amazing! I lost my leg in June and lost a lot of confidence in myself. Hoping this will give me something to wear with pride.”

“You’re doing something amazing for the confidence and individuality of amputees. Well done.”

“Inspirational. Good job!”